The Super-Cob Series: April 2022

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Fostered from the Blue Cross during 2013 as a 9 month old in very poor condition, Dougie has defied all odds and transformed into a superb all-rounder for both owner Samantha & her daughter.
At the time of being fostered, Dougie was underweight, riddled with lice, 'totally feral' & presenting with Neurological issues. Owner Sam saw him on the way home from a tack sale & decided to give him a chance with some 1-1 care for three months & they haven't looked back since.
Sam explains 'He flourished with all of the attention...we used to take him walking up & down the hills on the lanes to help build his strength up...he started to grow & we knew he was going to be staying forever'.






After making a full recovery under Sam's care & attention, Dougie was backed at age 4, 'he was so easy, it soon became clear he was a talented little pony'.
Dougie is 10 this year & despite his rough start in life he has gone onto having a successful career in dressage - taking Samantha's daughter to the Pony Club Championships in 2019, as well as currently training at BD Novice Level at home. However, Dougie also knows how to step it up a notch & also boasts a 'super jump', proving him to be successful competitor in the Eventing ring - completing several Hunter Trials & ODE's.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS Worker Samantha fell very ill after catching Covid and losing a colleauge to the virus. Samantha explained it 'took the use of my arms & legs...even though I had little balance, I rode Dougie to build my strength back up...Dougie seemed to know I was fragile & was so gentle with me' almost as if to be returning a favour from many years ago...










Dougie has frequently been used by the Blue Cross to showcase what these little cobs can flourish into, despite their past, as well as the fantastic re-homing work that the Blue Cross centres offer for neglected & abandoned equines all around the UK. Samantha states 'Dougie is a great example to showcase what these little cobs can achieve with a little bit of love & training'.

Dougie was so incredibly patient & friendly when I went to visit him for his Photoshoot; it almost took me a-back with how confident & trusting he was around someone he'd never met before. Dougie's nature & success is a true testament to the hard work of Samantha, her Daughter & the Blue Cross.


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