Equestrian Essentials: The Black Background Photoshoot

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The Black Background Photoshoot


There's no denying that Black Background Sessions have soared in popularty over the last 5 years, becoming a staple of any Horse owner's wishlist for their Equine Best Friend.
They are the Perfect Session for Many Horse Owners, but Why?


Location HeaderLocation Header


Though Black Background images look absolutely Stunning,
actually require a very Simple Location & Set-up.

- All that is Needed is an Indoor Space -

This could be a Stable, Barn, Indoor Arena or even a Field Shelter!
So long as the indoor space has three solid sides and a roof, I can work with most locations. The most ideal location is a Barn/Indoor arena as these tend to have a wide doorway, thus meaning that there is much more space for us to create a more varied range of poses & more artsy style photographs for you to enjoy.

(if you would like that kind of thing on your session!)


Still worried about the location you have on offer:
Why not send me a Photograph of your location when you Enquire?

A quick phone snap on your phone showing me the indoor spaces you have in mind for the session will allow me to have a look at the location and put your mind at ease before Booking.



Young0spooky horses headerYoung-spooky horses header

-  Minimised Session, Maximum Impact -


With Black Background Sessions lasting for up to 20 minutes, it makes them the perfect session for young, spooky or fiesty horses.
Combined with my 10+ years of Equestrian experience; I have handled and encountered a huge variety of horses & personalities throughout the years & I can ensure you:
nothing your horse could do will surprise me.

Horses will be Horses & so I take on a 'patience is the best policy' approach to Photoshoot Sessions & will adapt the session to suit each Horse's individual needs & Personality.
See Sharon Ashcroft's review to read her Photoshoot Experience with her 'fiesty' mare.


 Camera-shy Owners need not Worry!

If you would love to have photographs of your horse, but the thought of being in front of the camera/having your photograph taken makes you feel a bit queasy then a Black Background session is the perfect way around this.
You do not have to be in any of the images if you don't want to - at the start of the session I always ask my clients if they would like to be in the photographs or not.

Most clients say 'I'd like to be in a few but not all of them' which is totally fine too - it's you & your horse's session so you can dictate who you'd like to be photographed on the day!

There is absolutely No Pressure to be in front of the Camera.



Concluding Top FiveConcluding Top Five


The Concluding Top 5:

1. Any Colour Horse will Look Beautiful - and yes - this includes Black Horses too!
(they're actually one of my favourite colours to photograph for Black Backgrounds as their shine will look amazing!)

2. Your Horse is Your Pride & Joy. These Portraits will show your horse off to their absolute best - this will never age when it is hanging on the wall in your home.

3. Almost every yard has an indoor space that will work. I'm yet to arrive at a yard that doesn't have an adequate space to create Black Background Photographs.

4. Multi-Horse Discount. Why not save some pennies by getting your livery yard/friends involved? Beautiful Photographs of your pony & Saving some money? Win Win!!

5. They're for Every Horse. Regardless of your Horse's age, height, colour, Discipline or Breed.
Every Horse will look Stunning & and it's Never Too Late to book them in.


Find out What's included in my Black Background Sessions Here
- or -
Click to Enquire Here





~ Fiona x




Fiona Moore Photography
West Midlands Based Specialist Equine Photographer
Award Winning Equine Photographer available for Equine Photoshoot Sessions,
Equestrian Event coverage & Equestrian Brand/Business Photography.


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